Environmentally-friendly transportation

Sustainability and environmental protection are important issues for us. Whenever possible, we use the most modern ships as the most environmentally sound option for transporting our raw goods from source. Our jewels in jute sacks come to Switzerland on passenger aircraft only when, for reasons of freshness and shelf-life, there is no other choice.

Incoming goods inspections

After their long journey, all our products are thoroughly tested. They go through a series of strict checks, like a fitness test, before they are permitted to enter our storage facility. Our trained employees examine the ingredients’ internal and external qualities using methods we have developed in-house to safeguard our high quality standards.

Ripening and sorting

Nature has its own rhythms and every fruit is unique. The main challenge is providing different sizes, colours and stages of ripeness ‘just in time’ and in line with customer demand. State-of-the-art ripening cells, coupled with our vast experience, mean we can be very specific in serving our customers’ needs. But no technology can replace the diligent and delicate hands of our employees, who check the quality again after ripening, sending any still-hard fruit back into the heat chamber.

Controlled storage and transportation

Once sorted and spruced up, the fruit awaits collection in large, refrigerated warehouses. Having complete control is hugely important to us, which is why we store all our products in our own facilities. That way, we notice straight away if something is missing and can ensure we look after nature’s most precious produce as it makes its way to our customers.




Independent audits

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Trusted partnerships

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